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Fruity Match is a super addictive
match 3+ game

Match fruits by dragging columns or rows to match 3 or more of the same fruit. Get multiplied scores when using butterflies and wasps as part of a match! Reach the bonus levels and your score will improve at an insane pace!

Fruity Match can be played in 2 game modes:

Timed, where there is a set time allowed to create a match, and
Relaxed, where you can take as long as you like!

It's so easy to start or continue a game that you can play while waiting at the bus stop, on the bus, the train, and anywhere there's a line! Fruity Match is addictive: don't blame us when you miss your stop!

screenshot of bonud level

Gameplay video

Click image below to play video. Gameplay video is also on Youtube!


More Fruity Match features

Fruity Match is very addictive.

Fruity Match is a nice laid-back relaxing game.

Create multiple matches form 1 move to create chains with increasing bonuses.

Match using the same fruit as the previous match for multiplied scores.

Fruity Match will keep your 5 highest scores for both timed and relaxed mode and you can decide wether you want to upload a high score to the global high score tables or not.

Easy access to scoring information by tapping your score, thank you to MobileTechReview for the suggestion!

Brag to your friends on Facebook about your high scores.

Upload your high scores to the global high score tables (see relaxed or timed scores).

Enable just the sound effects you want from the settings screen.

Fruity Match doesn't require you to go through menus before you play.

If you would like to upload your scores to the global high score tables you need to be logged in with Facebook Connect (see the help) inside the game and have registered for a high score table nickname.

screenshot of landscape mode